Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Summer's Here!

I glazed over the arrival of spring and before I know it we are in full throes of the humid New York summer. My weekends have been wonderfully full of all things enjoyable and I have again been neglecting this side hobby of mine.

So what has been happening ... K came on a long awaited visit to the Big Apple. JJ's work trip coincided making it a pretty memorable weekend. It was a serene blur of sightseeing, mid afternoon cocktails and repeat trips to Bloomies

The Braziers had their Second Annual Burger Off. There were pages of rules and it was fierce competition held on a humid Saturday evening. The torrential rain did not dampen the spirits of the six chefs. The participants put to shame the so-called best burgers in NYC... there were interpretations of the classics, a lamb feta creation and a vegie burger. Here is my favourite burger and chef. Oh, and the official winners too ...

Oh and after the burger comp it was time for Beer Pong ... who knew I had such talents. Maybe it was just having a highly skilled partner ...

I am spending some time in a gorgeous town in Upstate NY - Saratoga Springs. Quite a cosmopolitan little place. It has all the makings of a great town - good bagels, fantastic coffee, karaoke nights, wonderful restaurants and come end of July it can put Ascot to shame. You will have to take my word for it about how beautiful it is ... the camera has never quite made it up there yet. Next time I promise ...


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