Friday, April 29, 2011

The Dress

Not 'The Dress' fashionistas have been holding their breath for and bridal stores around the world 'have factories on stand by'. Don't get me wrong, when finally revealed it was stunning! Alexander McQueen would have been proud. One could have easily overlooked Pippa, hidden behind the 2.7m veil she respectfully carried for her elder sis. It was her dress I was looking at.

Simple, elegant and much better suited for the masses, or perhaps those of us who are not overly keen to make a friend run behind all day straightening it out.

The search starts tomorrow ... 9.30 am appointment at Windsor Brides with Mum. Stay tuned!

Return to Sender

It is a long time for a hiatus... Looking at the date for my last entry that is the realization I came to. To say I have not missed this wold be a lie. numerous times I have opened a page and thought about writing, but it just did not come out. The days turned into weeks, months and now years. Coming back won't be easy, but I feel that now I am. And I am here to stay ... I have missed this. The release after pushing the 'Publish Post' button and the satisfaction of reading it afterwards. Most of all the relief of putting it out there ... I think I need a bit of that now and again.

So what have I been up to? Some wonderful things have happened. Sharing my life with a fantastic man, forsaking the city for a more relaxed life in the country (my version, more on that later), and due to become a wife. Yes, you heard that right ...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Taking a Break?

It surely must look like I have been taking a little hiatus with this blog ... I assure you everything is floating around in my head, just putting it down is not happening. Some days I think I will never write here again, and others I feel like jumping into it as soon as my eyelids flutter open. And then, life happens ...

Monday, August 18, 2008

July 4th

When in Rome do as the Romans do ... every nation has its myriad of customs and typical events. Even as a visitor for a short time one should get involved and enjoy them. Throughout the years July 4th is not a holiday I had experienced first hand. Always opting to be somewhere else.

This year I was lucky to spend the occasion at Uncle Bill's place in the Pocanos. Kelly and I had visited a few months earlier, for our Thelma and Louise getaway. This time it was different ...

What does July 4th mean ... hot dog eating contests, bbq, fireworks, family, a spot of fishing, hours of Liar's Poker ... pretty priceless

Thursday, August 07, 2008

The boa

There was screaming outside my window last night. Slightly more robust than the transvestite yelps I have become accustomed to over the last few months. This morning on the way back from my run I spot a sad red feather boa. It shows signs of belligerency but it was survived intact. Now it lies abandoned on the pavement.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Summer Stage

The Summer Stage at Central Park a quintessential NYC experience. Tonight it was an especially balmy night, next to no humidity and glancing up you could spot the odd star. Perfect setting for some memorable quotes, while The National played in the background.
Ohh, wait wait ... there was the guy in the red shirt, the Dutch guy ... you are right!There was only three ...
From a couple standing nearby

Err ... can you like ... stop chatting ... we came to hear the band

A few minutes later, the retort
Err ... can you please stop the PDAs ... we came to see the band but now can't stop staring that the soft porn show you're putting on ...

It isn't Ascot

It may just be better!

There is the air of fun without the stuffy dress code. To get into the box seats the men are in jackets and ties and the women in dresses, but it is a far cry from the coat tails, hats and stockings look enforced within the Ascot Royal Enclosure.

The area surrounding the Stands is full of families who have set up a picnic. They are there is full force with their youngest running after the fairyfloss. The beer is plentiful and the laughter addictive.

We rolled in mid afternoon, bet on a few races, came out pretty even and set off home just as the few rain drops started coming down.

It may not be Ascot, but later that night I saw the Big Dipper for the first time. That in itself makes it all the more memorable.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Home is increasingly becoming a tricky term for mou. People are often confused which country I am referring to, but really home means my parents' house. That of course is in itself a variable. Wherever it is I always enjoy being there and always there are dear friends near who pop in for a bite and a chat

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Summer's Here!

I glazed over the arrival of spring and before I know it we are in full throes of the humid New York summer. My weekends have been wonderfully full of all things enjoyable and I have again been neglecting this side hobby of mine.

So what has been happening ... K came on a long awaited visit to the Big Apple. JJ's work trip coincided making it a pretty memorable weekend. It was a serene blur of sightseeing, mid afternoon cocktails and repeat trips to Bloomies

The Braziers had their Second Annual Burger Off. There were pages of rules and it was fierce competition held on a humid Saturday evening. The torrential rain did not dampen the spirits of the six chefs. The participants put to shame the so-called best burgers in NYC... there were interpretations of the classics, a lamb feta creation and a vegie burger. Here is my favourite burger and chef. Oh, and the official winners too ...

Oh and after the burger comp it was time for Beer Pong ... who knew I had such talents. Maybe it was just having a highly skilled partner ...

I am spending some time in a gorgeous town in Upstate NY - Saratoga Springs. Quite a cosmopolitan little place. It has all the makings of a great town - good bagels, fantastic coffee, karaoke nights, wonderful restaurants and come end of July it can put Ascot to shame. You will have to take my word for it about how beautiful it is ... the camera has never quite made it up there yet. Next time I promise ...