Monday, August 04, 2008

It isn't Ascot

It may just be better!

There is the air of fun without the stuffy dress code. To get into the box seats the men are in jackets and ties and the women in dresses, but it is a far cry from the coat tails, hats and stockings look enforced within the Ascot Royal Enclosure.

The area surrounding the Stands is full of families who have set up a picnic. They are there is full force with their youngest running after the fairyfloss. The beer is plentiful and the laughter addictive.

We rolled in mid afternoon, bet on a few races, came out pretty even and set off home just as the few rain drops started coming down.

It may not be Ascot, but later that night I saw the Big Dipper for the first time. That in itself makes it all the more memorable.


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