Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Surprise Visit

The call was not so much a surprise, because I knew he was in town and it was imminent he would get in touch. Although I had a sneaking suspicion he had already left. The best bit was that just last night I had tried to call him, hoping I would catch him before he boards that plane.

Two weeks ago I would have called him HK J, but now he is indeed NYC J ! NYC J is not a lover, but a friend I have become fond of over the last few years. One of those people you don't see that often, but when you do it is priceless. There were the memorable nights in pre-Abramovich Purple, riding down the Kings Road in a white limo on my birthday and who could forget that night in Hong Kong last November.

So here we were. Me coy, as I was skipping yoga and him slightly hungover but with his unmistakable cool. Over vodka and Becks we dissected the last 6 months in record time. It was a rush! The walk home after ... I needed that!


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