Sunday, March 30, 2008

Thelma and Louise with a bit of Martha

Sharing Public with a good friend, who enjoys great food and choice spirits, is always priceless. From the expertly prepared cocktails to the refined sake selection, a night at Public is foodie heaven. The dishes, a fusion of modern European ingredients laced with Asian flavours. It is what we call Modern Australian. You take a bite and sometimes it is not easy to identify the components of that delectable final flavour. The lentil salad is a favourite, which I endlessly and unsuccessfully aim to recreate. I don't think I have ever enjoyed fish as much as finally having 'my celebrity' recognized by the complimentary glass of champagne.

The horrendous hangover on Saturday not a good start of the long awaited Thelma & Louise weekend. We piled up the Mustang with stuff. All wrapped up not sure if we should expect snow or not. Bracing ourselves for the possibility of burst pipes. A picturesque drive, complete with deer grazing by the roadside, and a stop to pick up ... a blender

Relaxing, not drinking but then getting worried we may run out of wine ... the local liquor store does not deliver. I think it was the 'Manhattan withdrawal' that forced us away from the burning fire and to a nearby ski lodge. We hung out with the townies, not getting served at the bar. Finally figured out the secret is to call the bartender by name 'Bob' ...

Back in front of the fire we settle in with ambition of watching movies all night. We don't even crack the seal of The Departed, a film which stuck in my mind so much I would watch it over and over again. We are both out before midnight ... I sleep 12 hours waking up on Sunday to cook up a storm. Breaking in the new blender for tropical fruit smoothies. Pasta sauce from scratch. Recreating (trying to) the Public lentil salad .. what is the secret of not getting the lentils too mushy?!?
Oh look ... it's the Bohemian gun shop !?!?

Darling W, something you want to tell us?


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