Monday, March 31, 2008

I walked home in the rain

At first it was a sprinkle, and then heavier rain. I didn't mind the rain drops on my face, making my mascara run, or the water settling into my blow dried hair. I let the rainwater wash away the bad mood, the self doubt and by the time I got home I was smiling.


So they were late. There were bolts missing for the bed. The Louis cabinet was damaged. But on the plus side the antique chair is in one piece, the Ligne table whole, and lying on my sofa is pure bliss ....

To see the space filled with my things is priceless

And to have ones' show room in order is just ... heaven

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Thelma and Louise with a bit of Martha

Sharing Public with a good friend, who enjoys great food and choice spirits, is always priceless. From the expertly prepared cocktails to the refined sake selection, a night at Public is foodie heaven. The dishes, a fusion of modern European ingredients laced with Asian flavours. It is what we call Modern Australian. You take a bite and sometimes it is not easy to identify the components of that delectable final flavour. The lentil salad is a favourite, which I endlessly and unsuccessfully aim to recreate. I don't think I have ever enjoyed fish as much as finally having 'my celebrity' recognized by the complimentary glass of champagne.

The horrendous hangover on Saturday not a good start of the long awaited Thelma & Louise weekend. We piled up the Mustang with stuff. All wrapped up not sure if we should expect snow or not. Bracing ourselves for the possibility of burst pipes. A picturesque drive, complete with deer grazing by the roadside, and a stop to pick up ... a blender

Relaxing, not drinking but then getting worried we may run out of wine ... the local liquor store does not deliver. I think it was the 'Manhattan withdrawal' that forced us away from the burning fire and to a nearby ski lodge. We hung out with the townies, not getting served at the bar. Finally figured out the secret is to call the bartender by name 'Bob' ...

Back in front of the fire we settle in with ambition of watching movies all night. We don't even crack the seal of The Departed, a film which stuck in my mind so much I would watch it over and over again. We are both out before midnight ... I sleep 12 hours waking up on Sunday to cook up a storm. Breaking in the new blender for tropical fruit smoothies. Pasta sauce from scratch. Recreating (trying to) the Public lentil salad .. what is the secret of not getting the lentils too mushy?!?
Oh look ... it's the Bohemian gun shop !?!?

Darling W, something you want to tell us?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The temptation of Magnolia

Last night i missed yoga (again!) ... having worked until 8pm ... I decided to take a longer walk on my way home. It was cold and windy (where is spring?) and by the time I neared Bleecker I was feeling so pleased with myself, that as I rounded the corner and caught a sight of those cupcakes, of course I could not resist. No line. Walked straight in ... and there it was. The coveted red velvet cupcake complete with a swirl of white creamy frosting. The latter I started licking while waiting in line. The rich buttery texture and occasional sugar crystal. It adds the pounds and melts the stress away in just a few licks. Yum! The cupcake itself ... I could take it or leave it.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Popping the Cherry

Steph came up with the fantastic theme of cherry popping. The apartment is bare and needed breaking in. A party to start off the adventures that would prevail during my time here! Interestingly when inviting people some were confused about the theme and hinted if it were my cherry that was concerned ... hmm, I think that ship has long sailed ...

Confusion aside, the borrowed table and chairs were in, sangria mixed, deviled eggs set up. Boogie Nights projected on the pure white walls. DJ sets played in the background. Finally at 2am found the rooftop.

The worst thing about hosting a party is ... I'm having Cheetos for breakfast

Saturday, March 22, 2008


So I have been quiet ... last weekend was a blur ... this past week more of the same. Work and socialising, and yoga, and not enough sleep. I stayed in last night ... well was home at 11pm (that in my book counts as 'staying in'). The much anticipated housewarming in tonight! Yay!

I am up early chopping up fruit for sangria ...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Glorious Saturday

On Friday night one of my glam NY girlfriends invited me to a 'mixer' event. Being a fan of American television I had heard the term but never something that I had experienced. Wearing one of my gorgeous-but-much-neglected dresses and the opportunity to check out a Midtown private members club ... the temptation was just too great. So there we were. 7pm. Immaculately turned out. The crowd although amusing could not hold our attention for too long. We dined and did the ChaCha but soon we were back in our jeans and in a cab speeding downtown. Within 20 minutes we were in a crowded house party. Ahhhh ... now this is where we should be on a Friday night. Interesting people, small world ... you know who, the impromptu strip across the road took the cake. By then both of us exhausted. Goodbyes in the rain at Union Square. Cab home.

Glorious Saturday ... Its 11am I'm awake, well rested, and out of the house. I'm full of energy for the freedom ahead. Big plans about The Container Store, unwrapping my new speakers, errands and yoga. Sitting here with a salami and provolone baguette it all sounds doable. How I long for these weekends and time to myself

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Washing my hands in the fluorescent lit ladies room, I lean closer into the mirror and inspect my parting for those offending white hairs. So far I have one, and it is pure white. So white it stands out against my brown hair and you can see it from three metres away. I peer and what I see shocks me ... a pure ginger hair. Yes, red and reflecting the light beautifully! Now that explains why W likes hanging out with me so much ...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Too cute

Organising my handbags tonight I careful wrap in tissue paper the Lulu Guinness clutch K gave me as a going away present. It is the original tissue paper which has remnants of a Harrods sticker. Something catches my eye. There is handwriting on one of the folds. There it is, in K's neat hand

"for whenever you miss a taste of London"

Now, I miss London and I miss K.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Working from home