Monday, October 30, 2006

I Love Mondays

Hmm! Wishful thinking more like it ... There is nothing worse than a dreary Monday following a fab weekend.

After the horror that was 'the morning after' I recovered somewhat to enjoy the rest of the sunny London weekend. It is not quite winter, but all about clear sunny skies and crisp clear air brought a smile to my face.

Saturday night was reserved for W. No hangover could make me back out of plans with him :) I even made it to Waitrose in preparation for a post movie dinner. As I have never been good at time keeping, getting to the cinema involved a sprint from my place to Vue in Islington. Pretty good effort in my books. All done in skinny jeans, ballet slippers, cutesy charcoal Topshop top/dress and my very lady like trench coat!! The film was well worth the physical exertion.

The Departed is one of the best films I have seen lately. Reality and truth, there is such a fine line between the two. It was nice to see Leo in a grown up film. I never thought I would say this ... but violence can be sexy

Vera Farmiga is gorgeous. I want her hair!

Sunday was all about relaxing. A spot of shopping, chocolate truffles, pizza and a winding down with a chat about blogs and stuff over a glass of vino.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Morning After

This would have been best if written yesterday, but an impossible task in the state I was in ...

Friday night ... Ahhh, Friday night! The plan was a few drinks with K. Girly catch up as we had not had a good natter for about a week. What it ended up was something completely different. I seem to recall encounter with a rosemary and basil infused pot plant, named Winston. Oh Winston, could the way I am feeling now be all down to you!?!

And now bits of obnoxious conversation, said or heard in no particular order, come flooding back:

'Why is everyone staring at us? Oh yes, because we're gorgeous!'

'But, but he's poor!!'

To a guy who has just told me he has a one year old child. 'Oh!' followed by a look of disgust!

'I need to stop kissing this guy, and concentrate on his brother's best friend!'

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Child's Play

I will make an exception today and have a rant about work...

The corporate environment is like one big play school. Everyone is running around, stealing toys from their colleagues and trying to get noticed. Once you figure this out and realise it is each to their own you would be just fine. On the surface it is all about team work and a united front, but who are we kidding.

In my world it is testy time of year. The big bosses gather round and decide bonuses (of course in a 'fair manner'), which in turn makes all the kiddies nervous and they start acting even more irate.

Just need to keep a cool head and I shall survive! In my next life I want to be a more creative creature ...

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Shots from Koh Phangan last November

Monday, October 23, 2006

Having a nice boss ... priceless!

My boss returned from Sydney today. Since she missed my birthday, and I hers, we treated ourselves to a lunch (minus booze) and a chat. The truthful kind of chat, which dare I say could be the start of a new chapter.

Oh, and she brought me a huge pack of Tim Tams. We spent the rest fo the afternoon perfecting that 'drinking coffee via the Tim Tam' trick. You know the one I mean!

Seems that I am not the only one with a fab boss ... check out the Australian Expat Survival Kit one blogger received from her boss :-) It is definitely enough to make me venture to the Australia Shop in Covent Garden tomorrow for a Cherry Ripe.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

How is it that you get over someone?

Even if a relationship ends on mutual terms and you are happy with the decision you have made, there is still at times that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach. Maybe it is a memory of good times, happy feelings or an unexpected mention or meeting which can throw you completely off base. One moment you are fine and then next it feels like a punch to the chest, leaving you breathless and sick.

A good friend has been know to say that you don't get over someone until you love someone else the same way or more. Until that happens you remain in a slight limbo. You know you no longer want or need the ex, but not entirely convinced you will ever find that enduring love again.

A friend whose relationship ended a year ago, sited the ex and parents recently. No contact was made but the experience left doubt that the 'getting over' was done and dusted. My reaction was 'Wow! You survived!'. For I have yet to come face to face with a lover from many years back. And I dread the moment it will happen. Does this mean I am not over him yet?

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

On the verge

There is nothing more amazing that the feeling you get when you know you are on the brink of something great! I am not talking about a great discovery or invention, just something that is an achievement at some level in one's life.

This precisely the feeling I have been walking around with today. I know I have been doing good and there is just a tiny bit more effort involved before this could turn into something great. Whether or not I can be bothered ... that is another story. For I am an eternal procrastinator.

Fellow bloggers, what keeps you motivated?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Crush Reignited

I used to fantacise about this man months ago. On our first meeting he made me strangely nervous. After only a few minutes in his company I found myself in a flush... It was all in the past, until today. Not sure what reignited it. I came home, watched Hollyoaks, drifted off and dreamt about him... Its all a bit confusing

Fallacy of the Female Brain

I often come across these situations when I fight with myself. There is the rational side and then there is the female brain angle ... Miss Natalie has said just as it is ... check out this post

Monday, October 16, 2006

Birthday Week Wardrobe

Me being me, the wardrobe requires a post of its own!!

*Birthday night - TM Lewin green striped fitted shirt, silk Coast skirt, LK Bennett gold ballet slippers

* Date with Kevin (Spacey) and W - Reiss black wool balloon hem shift dress, moss green wrap cardigan, black Furla flats

* Savoy Grill - Traffic People grey silk lace babydoll number, complete with charcoal opaque tights, black pearl covered clutch and these envious heels ...

* Masked Ball - Emerald green wrap full skirt dress (think DvF), green and gold Venetian mask, CK black strappy heels (a find on my first ever NYC trip), black beaded bag, feather fan.

* Dita von Teese - Laura for Topshop silky red puff sleeve number. This dress is all about curves. Complete with beige fishnets, and my enviable shoes.

Ginger Cake

My neighbour dropped by yesterday (In between, my afternoon nap and pre-Dita Champagne and nibbles), with homemade ginger cake. I invited him in for a glass of bubbly.

Before you ask ... thirtysomething, single, successful and cute ...

Birthday Week

Previous blog updated

Monday, October 09, 2006

Favourite Quote

"You are very attractive! Trust me, I make movies ... "

Saturday Night

Post Ikea frenzy I rushed home to change into a girlie dress and transform into my well polished self. And what a night it was! Arriving at the Sanderson at the late hour of 9.30pm, we started off with dessert - scones for me, chocolate cake for K. Then, naturally moved on to cocktails. I spotted the two guys at the end of the bar checking us out early on: one cute and tall, the other shorter slightly older. Unbelievably, it took them about another hour to approach.

The next two hours made for very interesting conversation. Turned out they were quite famous, in that discreet Hollywood producer/editor kind of way. K said she saw my body language change the moment one of them mentioned he produced Moulin Rouge (and yes the Nicole Kidman version). Sadly, Google has failed to show any evidence to substantiate this. The tall cute on on the other hand, bragged less but the trusty search engine even turned up a picture of him. Ha! I love the Sanderson. You always end up talking to interesting characters there.

At the end of the evening I walked away with the card, complete with private email address, of the less-than-famous producer promising to email him. That is a promise I am not sure I will fulfill.

Just in case you are wondering ... the quote from previous post belongs to him

I love Ikea!

It is the place I can spend hours in and come out with a trolley full of stuff, having spent a little more than the cost of a shoe cabinet from BoConcept. Fabulous! And the loot was:

* 2 white wood venitian blinds for the lounge
* 4 chairs to match Ligne Roset table (picked up on eBay)
* Picture frames for favourite postcards - Gaudi and DKNY Winter 2005 ads
* 4 sets of mirrors --> will post photos once they are all up
* kitchen stuff

My place is starting to look like home !! Yay !!

Planning is sometimes pointless ...

... Because things never happen as you had so carefully anticipated.

The weekend was off to a brilliant start, with a drink at Ballroom with K on Friday night. And it ended with a late Sunday afternoon coffee and cake with W. The right ingredients for a relaxing 2 days of rest. It is the in between that was unusual and a source of amusement.

Saturday I awoke with an uneasy feeling. It was the day I had set aside a few hours to see the old Irish flame. Somehow I no longer thought it was a good idea and kept thinking of the worst case scenario. It had all started as a no strings attached meeting, but as it drew nearer I felt entangled in strings! So unfair! The heart has its way of interfering. So when his call came, I let it go to voicemail. After listening to the message, this wave of relief washed over me. Our secret plans had been interrupted, by a surprise. I wasn't upset or disappointed, but relieved. The smile spread over my face as I realised I had the whole sunny day ahead of me ...

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Birthday Check List - Updated*

Today, to my horror I realised I will be 28 in less than a week. Somehow I missed a day, and was happily thinking it was still Wednesday. Taking random days off work tends to add to this type of confusion! Although I like fuss on my birthday and I am still looking forward to that part, I have been procrastinating when it comes to making any celebratory plans. Instead I have concentrated on planning stuff around my birthday, not on the day and not birthday things (more importantly!)

So here is how I plan to treat myself pre and post birthday (list to be expanded as I please):

* Get a massage, facial, pedicure - done Franco & Co

* Pre-birthday dirty weekend - didn't happen

* See some Burlesque shows:

Lost Society (tonight) - arrived late and tickets were sold out. Boo!

Dita von Teese at Koko (Oct 15) - disappointing
It involved standing outside for half an hour. (That should teach me not to be on the guest list!). The venue is phenomenal, very sexy and perfect setting to host Dita. Sadly, something in the performance was lacking. Just seemed not very good for someone who does this for a living. Excellent night for star spotting. The paparazzi were there! K came face to face with Matthew Williamson, as I nearly wet my panties!

Champagne and nibbles with K and S beforehand was priceless. There was one moment we all considered to give Dita a miss after one too many a nibbles.

* Impromptu drinking session on actual day - fab!! Impromptu always works!!!

* See Kevin Spacey's new play at the Old Vic - beautiful! The man has amazing talent. I will go again just to be in proximity to him

* Savoy Grill with Bob and Maree
I have always wanted to sample Marcus Wareing's fare, since I am not a fan of Ramsay I figured this would be close enough. The food was just right, nothing out of this world, yet nothing dissapointing. The ambience and service, now that is something to brag about. The company, well that was in a class of its own.

We retired to the Sanderson for a drink. Being Friday night it was packed! We did secure a table outside and continued our animated chat! Maree is not a reader of this blog yet so there was a lot to fill her!

* Venetian masked ball - Wow! Better than the previous masked ball, but this one also failed to turn into an orgy. Are my expectations of masked balls too high?

Cute live band - Flirted with drummer before realising he is barely out of school. (I am having difficulty parting with my youth!). Danced like crazy, in between the four course dinner, Venetian games and the raffle, time flew by! Next thing I know we are in a taxi en route to Kinky Mambo. Another few hours of dancing and I was walking home in my sexy green number (no coat), CK heels, balancing goody bag, feather fan (gift from S) and mask! I got more than a few passing comments. Nothing nasty! I am surprised I didn't get any numbers ;)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

What is keeping me awake?

Bad TV! I used to stare in disbelief in previous encounters with the terrible stuff they show on television these days. Never been a fan of Big Brother or the like.

So what is on tonight? Started off with Ghost Whisperer. Minky you were so right. That Jennifer Love-Hewitt is so annoying! Then Diary of a Mail Order Bride! Now that is what I call reality television!!

Random quote from latter: 'Kurt met his girlfriend in St Petersburg 3 years ago. She is now 21!' Keep in mind Kurt is a 50 something badly dressed Texan!

Up next ... Diary of a Mistress. Giddy up!


Two readers (who also know me well in real life) recently said something very similar, which made me think of the original reasons I started writing here. I guess it is time to be a bit more real and write something down which I have been afraid to say out loud.

Friendships, there are so many kinds. Whenever I think I have figured it all out there always seems to be a surprise around the corner. Sometimes these are good and sometimes they bring disappointment. As I get older I find my expectations seem to be lower. This can't be a bad thing as naturally the disappointment hurts less and the good is that much better.

Maybe soon I'll have enough courage to finish off this thought ...

One thing I know is I really miss S & J. They left me the sweetest, chemically driven, voicemail message on Sunday night. Now that is what I call real friends ... ahhhh!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

New Crush

Remaining True to Oneself

When I started this blog (not so long ago) I made a pact with myself that no matter what else is going on I would always make time for it ... and here I am already guilty! I have let work and other things keep me away from here for too long. So here is the run down on what you have missed!

Minky Goes Home
Its been an interesting few months for our friendship. We found out more about each other that we ever had thought possible! Initially it made me think our trip together had run its course, but it only made the bond stronger. I already miss the thought that our next meeting is only a few hours or days away. It is 3 months away, and I am already counting down!

Irish Update
Following an impromptu and slightly riske phone call earlier this week, I am convinced this one may be worth exploring. Although there there may be a repeat of the 'A**hole Diaries' I am confident it would be easier to handle since I am aware of the possibility. The deciding factor ... if there is good sex on the table, would I really decline? Hell no!!

Shopping Update

  1. 1. Fab flats from Next, following advice of this week's Grazia

Verdict: At £22.99 they are cheap as chips! Uncomfortable as hell. These babies are going back!!

2. TM Lewin 3 for £75 Sale

Every City Girl has a favourite shirt maker, who has a style that just fits perfectly. For me its the Lewin 'Fitted'! Having recently dropped a size in this coveted fitting, how could I resist the half price sale. I picked 3, with the best in this delicious fabric (the dark tan stripe to match the Coast silk balloonon-hem skirt, picked up at the pre-Ascoc Selfridges expedition with K).

Verdict: Definite keeper! Fabric is soft and does not wrinkle. I received a lot of compliments, and not only from the fashionistas! Downside: a much less stylish co-worker was wearing one of the same. Note to self: consider investing in having shirts made. None of the 'initials on cuff' business, just exclusive fabrics! As if!!

Food News

1. The Ambassador

Catch up with W on Thursday night prompted me to explore the famous foodie haven that is Exmouth Market. Tucked away in Clerkenwell, it is a mix of arty types and the more adventurous City boys. The allure for me, its close to home! We chose The Ambassador, a relatively recent addition which had very different reviews. It is those restaurants which intrigue me! How could it be that one person finds the same restaurant fantastic and another despicable? I don't know why but it always makes me want to go and try for myself.

The food was great! Pork belly to die for, W's grilled onglet steak was mouthwatering! Washed down with chilled Western Australian pinot noir. The trio of British cheeses was the icing on the cake. The downside, hangover the next day was reminiscent of a come down!

2. Waitrose

It has taken me 4 months to pay a visit to my local Waitrose. It had been shunned in favour of Sainsbury's and I am serious backtracking that decision. The fresh fish selection, Dorset cereals, the divine bread ... I'm afraid it is just too good to miss. In the last week I have cooked like never before. I think I'm in love!