Saturday, December 16, 2006

Dirty Dancing

The most wonderful birthday surprise from K! Tickets to the sold out show. What a memorable night! Ignoring all the screaming girls and you had a fabulous performance and probably the best movie to West End transformation I have ever seen. That Josef Brown ... what a body!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Dialing Under the Influence

A victim many times over ... when will I learn ?!?

It is always, always a lose/lose situation, leading to more disappointment, a vicious circle.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Two weeks to go!

At this time in 2 weeks time I will be waking up to the Sunday morning Sydney sunshine. Can you tell I can't wait !!! Already I am thinking off all the things I want to do. Here is what I've come up with already, in no particular order:

  • Stroll along the Bondi to Bronte beach walk
  • Late afternoon swim at North Bondi
  • Late evening latte at Cafe Hernandez - a favourite with coffee connoisseur since 1972 and one of my favourite places for a late evening coffee and chat
  • Midweek brunch with Minky at Speedos, followed by a spot of Bondi sun
  • Dinner at Luke Magnan's Glass Brasserie - recommended by GingerCake
  • Stroll along Oxford St. Paddington for an update on the Aussie fashion scene.
  • Afternoon in the Botanic Gardens
  • Late night Tiger Pie at Harry's Cafe De Wheels - a Sydney icon which made Woolloomooloo famous before The W and luxury accommodation arrived.
  • Mid week lunch at The Establishment - make it a Friday and stick around for a cocktail at Hemmesphere
  • Visit Sheridan warehouse for new bed linen
  • Traditional Bulgarian Christmas Eve with my uncle
  • Christmas Day with Steve's family
  • Minky celebrating her birthday in Sydney NYE in Sydney .. Yeah baby
  • Chance of bumping into Sam Worthington, or lookalike ... increased chances since he lives in Bondi!

The Play Room

Why can't there be night spots as cool as this one - The Play Room - but filled with 30 somethings rather than 'barely legals'.

Last night after successfully getting on the guestlist (everyone in London likes to think they are 'special') we were standing at the velvet roped entrance in a dingy West London side street, plus two unannounced guests. I was a good few hours into my drinking evening, suddenly seeing the funny side of everything. Putting me in a room full of beautiful young things when in that state are always ingredients for a hilarious night.

A few hours later S and I were stumbling along Regent St looking for a taxi - Why are there never enough cabs in London? - giggling at the night's events.

Highlights for me went something like this:

  1. Making sure the photographer gets at least 10 shots of us. Order hardcopies x 3. Then change our minds on which exact shot we want, after prints we produced. Finding the photo this morning, and thinking 'Hmm ... we look fab!'
  2. Embarrass yourself in front of a colleague you've never been out with socially, including knocking over drinks with mad hand gestures. Check x 2
  3. Dance with with a cute 23 year old Italian. I need to get over this obsession!!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Reasons I can't wait to be in Sydney

There are now less than 4 weeks to go before I am back in my beloved Sydney.

  • First Sydney visit which I will truly be single! Each time before RGW was always lurking around - in spirit, mind and body
  • I love my Sydney friends. It has been a year of reflection I have come to really appreciate the friendships I left behind, some spanning more than a decade!
  • Three weeks of sunshine and beach!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Borough Market

I love Borough on a Friday. All the stalls minus the Saturday crowd. I can spend hours wondering back and forth before making my final choices. Today's selection:
  • Coffee & fresh cream truffles (consumed there and then)
  • Buffalo mozzarella
  • White loaf from the artisan bakery
  • Vine cherry tomatoes - perfectly ripe
  • Spring onions
  • Red peppers
  • Bananas - for tomorrow's muesli
  • Duck liver, pork and truffle pate
  • Traditional sticky toffee pudding - first time I steamed it myself
  • Turkish baklava - for my parents

My Gran and Coffee

My Gran is here for her annual Christmas visit. I did not get a chance to see her this summer so decided to take a week off now for some quality time. Plus I have opted for a Sydney Christmas this year and will miss the family celebrations.

Must say she is indeed very pleasant company and I never cease to be amazed at how worldly she is. There are always new stories to tell, I love sharing bit of my life with her and always appreciate her advice.

We are spending a few days in London. The usual fare is West End musicals, but the Mozart Concert was only a few days back so we've skipped that part. What is always on the menu is coffee. I only started drinking coffee religiously about 4 years ago, until then different family members used to joke that I was adopted. The thing is, I come from a long line of coffee connoisseurs. Nana keeps that tradition well and alive. Despite high blood pressure - 'I take medicine for that' she says - there are always two coffees a day. Mum tried to wean her on to decaf a few years back and she would not have any of it.

I know, as long as there is quality coffee involved the day will be a success.
  • Yesterday we had a late lunch at Gallipoli, followed by turkish coffee.
  • This morning we made our way to the Monmouth Coffee Company at Borough Market. Flat white with a side of fresh cream truffle. Yum!
  • Tomorrow I am thinking a mid morning latte at Ottolenghi