Friday, April 29, 2011

The Dress

Not 'The Dress' fashionistas have been holding their breath for and bridal stores around the world 'have factories on stand by'. Don't get me wrong, when finally revealed it was stunning! Alexander McQueen would have been proud. One could have easily overlooked Pippa, hidden behind the 2.7m veil she respectfully carried for her elder sis. It was her dress I was looking at.

Simple, elegant and much better suited for the masses, or perhaps those of us who are not overly keen to make a friend run behind all day straightening it out.

The search starts tomorrow ... 9.30 am appointment at Windsor Brides with Mum. Stay tuned!

Return to Sender

It is a long time for a hiatus... Looking at the date for my last entry that is the realization I came to. To say I have not missed this wold be a lie. numerous times I have opened a page and thought about writing, but it just did not come out. The days turned into weeks, months and now years. Coming back won't be easy, but I feel that now I am. And I am here to stay ... I have missed this. The release after pushing the 'Publish Post' button and the satisfaction of reading it afterwards. Most of all the relief of putting it out there ... I think I need a bit of that now and again.

So what have I been up to? Some wonderful things have happened. Sharing my life with a fantastic man, forsaking the city for a more relaxed life in the country (my version, more on that later), and due to become a wife. Yes, you heard that right ...