Friday, April 25, 2008

Power dressing

I walked out this morning with that confident stride, you know the one. Everyone stood aside as I walked past and colleagues stole shy glances my way. It was that silk floaty shirt that gave me the power. Even before I walked into that room, I knew that deal was mine.

Later this afternoon, basking in the first spring rays, I strolled along Park Avenue marvelling at myself. Another successfully meeting and here I was enjoying the Friday afternoon sunshine.

Park Avenue makes for an interesting forum to observe a cross-section of the New York upper classes. I realize the US is in theory a class-less society, but this is a place where money talks. The healthier your bank balance, the higher you are in the pecking order. Who your parents were doesn't really come into play when you made $200m last year. Anyhow, I digress ... During business hours Park is full of bankers in their well-cut suits, but come mid afternoon the tourists swoop in for a peak at this glorious avenue (it is the only Manhattan avenue which has a tree lined median strip). The latter must be annoying to the Upper East Side locals. Those stylish examples of older ladies-who-lunch. I love watching them. The crisp navy suit, stockings despite the heat, smart shoes, and a cigarette. They just don't make them like they used to ...

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Single Women in New York

Twenty something woman sits on the subway in the morning rush hour, engrossed in a book. Her concentration is unmistakable. Eyes narrowed, brow furrowed. What is she reading? A booked titled 'How to Date Men' ... what is more worrying is she is armed with a highlighter and is furiously highlighting whole paragraphs. What happened to the old fashioned notion of meeting a guy you like and going with the flow? It seems to have been lost in the urban jungle that is New York City ...

Monday, April 14, 2008

Finally put my finger on it

W is Johnny Lee Miller ... yes, spitting image ... no?

Why I love New York?

Reason # 437

Because even on a Monday night you can pop into Employees Only, have a few cocktails, a bite to eat, the bartenders will try and make you laugh, dessert is on the house, and you can happily skip on home by 9.30pm.

In London a lot of restaurants are closed on Mondays ... need I say more

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Brunnette vs Blonde Debate

It's official brunettes do have more fun ... according to Style PS we bag the billionaires, while blondes get the bartenders. But but ... if we are so superior, can't we just have both?

V Bar

S introduced me to V Bar a few weeks ago. It was the venue for a long awaited rendezvous. That first time we had a glass of wine, but she kept telling me about the coffee. So today wondering back from the failed furniture expedition, I stopped for a latte ... WOW. You know how hard I am to please when it comes to coffee. I think it is safe to say V Bar serves the best latte in the Village. In case you need another reason to stop by ... there have been quite a few repeat celebrity sitings there.

On a mission

After a day of leisure yesterday, and a relaxed evening with M, this morning I woke up having decided today will be the day to do some major furniture shopping. I drew up a detailed plan of stores, items and other errands in between, and left the piece of paper behind. Should have taken that as a hint ... Three blocks from my front door I was sidelined into tiny jewellery store on W10, Soixante Neuf, emerging an hour later my purse lighter but with gifts for the brides-to-be and two exquisite pieces for myself.

Furniture wise no purchases, but I have a much better idea of how I want to fill the space. Have dropped the BoConcept coffee table and will have silver night stands as the side tables on either side of the sofa. I just need to get around to actually ordering them.

Sunday, April 06, 2008


My upbringing inspired natural curiosity when I first heard about Socialista back in January. It was the hot new place. Celebrity following, buzz and I loved the name ... finally made it there last week ...

We walked into the dimly lit room, a refuge from the noise and wind of West St. I liked the decor and the intimate feel it gave to the space. The bar was small and you felt like personal service is to follow. In a place like that it is the norm, no? The bartender was not too interested in us, nor the other three people enjoying a drink at the bar. He couldn't make an Aviation*, nor any other cocktail not on the menu. The latter featured a lot of vodka, no gin in sight. I settled on one of the signature vodka blends, requesting gin as substitute. On paper it sounded nice, in reality ... too sweet. SH had one of the rum based drinks and that arrived smelling, and to my dismay tasting, like cinnamon bubble gum. Hmmm ... someone please tell me what is the big deal about this place?

We stayed for dinner, and didn't let the bar experience impede what was to be a fabulous evening. We suspect Jack Osborne was sitting at the next table, which was somewhat of a consolation. Not to mention my stock shot up with the out-of-towners. The food was interesting, but nothing that stuck in my mind. I don't know, maybe I'm just spoilt ... After all, the night had started out at Bobo where the talented mixologist Naren Young presented me with a memorable lemon and white chocolate blend. Tangy and refreshing with a sweet aftertaste. He always makes me lemony drinks ... maybe his way of telling me to sweeten up.

* Aviation is a classic cocktail, mixing gin with lemon juicy and maraschino liqueur

Impromptu Brunch

I woke up yesterday full of energy. Two days in a row I have gone for a run alongside the Hudson, forgetting that it is in fact hard work. But on the plus side it has paved the way for luscious brunches both days.

Yesterday, the restaurant plans were scrapped after I volunteered to whip up an impromptu brunch. Having a dining table makes all it all that much more possible ...

H&M raved about a kitchen accessory (yes, this is what we sometimes talk about!!) which I was so curious about that they got me one as a housewarming gift ... a mango peeler! It received its much awaited initiation ... Mango, kiwi, orange smoothies. Then scrabbled eggs, with black forest ham and gruyere. Simple, easy, delicious