Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The one I really want

Want may be a really strong word, but it is halfway there. The date I really want is the one I may not ever get to have. But 'of course' you say, that is Murphy's Law. The other dates may simply be a distraction. The guy I actually want to get to know better, I have yet to hint I am interested. I'm keeping my distance, because the last time I saw him my heart leaped up into my throat and stayed there for as long as he remained in the vicinity.

So yesterday I was happily walking home, and there he was standing on the kerb chatting away on his phone. What did I do? Look at him out of the corner of my eye, and kept walking. The rationale? If he saw me (which I don't think he did) he would wonder why I blanked him and next time he sees me he'll be extra thrilled ... How old am I?

The special reason I am tiptoeing about the next time I see him ... I decided last week that it would be the moment I need to do something about this crush. I promised myself I would make an effort to make intentions clear. And yesterday, I was just unprepared ...

Sunday, April 22, 2007

It's Over!

The Dating Drought that is ... Too many months since my last proper date. I have been too preoccupied to pay attention to anyone. But now I'm back! Finally some interesting bits to post.

The line up for next weekend:
  • Lunch with Charming SNAG. Met him through work last year. Very charming and flirty. He is arty and possesses more substance than the average City guy. I'm sitting on the fence ... potential to ride off into sunset together or lifetime friend.
  • Drinks with Slightly-less-Charming Stranger. Met him in the old-fashioned way ... he approached me and a friend, in a bar, and made an inappropriate comment. My offended friend gave him the cold shoulder. He took no notice and wittily persisted to engage me in pointless chit chat ... and persisted. That alone made him a charmer in my eyes.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday Afternoon

Wondering through The City of London, in the early afternoon sunshine, engulfed in a post Chianti daze ... Priceless!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Blast from the Past

It started with an unexpected email on Tuesday morning. Then followed a call with a familiar voice at the other end of the line ... It was like no time had passed.
An evening spent catching up and laughing with someone who a few short years back was family ... It had ended so abruptly that neither of us knows why we did not keep in touch.
I'm feeling nostalgic and already thinking I need to pay my respects next time I'm in Sydney.

Val D'isere

In a nutshell ... is was FANTASTIC!

Who knew I would grow to love a sport so much. I would have never said I am an adrenaline junkie, but now I am beginning to see why one would be. In the grand scheme of things I am very small scale, but to me it seems like a big deal.

Towards the end I could relax enough to take photos from the lifts. The sheer serenity and expanse of the landscape could not be conveyed in a photo but here is my attempt ...

And these are from the drive from Geneva and the first sightings of the snowy peaks

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Speechless ... and all it took was a Cupcake

At first I was not having any of it, but then the wonderful Tali convinced me the Red Velvet was a must. Next thing I know I am happily walking out carrying a box containing a Red Velvet and a Chocolate Sprinkle surprise.

My original thought was to share them, but driving home with the prized gift on the passenger seat, curiosity got the better of me. They did not quite last the trip home ... I felt like I was five again. The scrumptious frosting and then the moist center, it was all too much... I now understood why Jules has been baking and blogging about them for weeks, why they got airtime on Sex and the City and why places like the Hummingbird Bakery rock!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

The French Side

Two girls, one delayed flight, one airport with two exits each in a different country ... and that was just the beginning to our Easter skiing break!

K and I, already weary from a late night packing and all day at work, arrived an hour late in Geneva. We existed on the Swiss side, not expecting to have a rental car until the following morning. Somewhere along the way we thought we should at least try and retrieve the car then, and save ourselves the trip to the airport terminal the next day. We separated ... K in pursuit of Europcar on the French side, and me trying to book us into an airport hotel for the night.

The airport was quickly emptying out, and for the first time I thought 'Sh*t, Geneva airport does close!'. The latter cemented when I was approached by a policeman asking me what I was still doing there! Finding an Internet point without Euro coins nor an Apple user name proved pointless and frustrating. Finally gave up and called my Dad to get the number for the Holiday Inn, which I had inspected online but failed to note the reservation number. Hotel booked, I began to relax, and then came the phone call from K ....
I'm on the French side ... umm ... and they have closed the doors ... I'm stuck here!!
Don't panic! A friendly girl who works in Avis (the French side) had kindly offered to drive her back around. The drive took about 20 minutes! Thankfully she didn't have to walk back. But yes, Geneva airport has a French and Swiss side, normally you can go between the two freely .. that is, until they close the airport!

It was 2am when my head hit the pillow. Eight hours since we set out for Gatwick airport, and we were still three and a half hours away from our final destination, Val D'isere.

Simple Pleasures

Having returned from skiing (more on this adventure later), the warm weather is a much loved surprise! I woke up this morning and that fresh scent in the air reminded me of waking up in Sydney, just a few short months ago. The planned morning run in Highbury Fields was replaced by running errands ... finally unpacking the suitcase that sat neglected since Tuesday night, sending the package I promised to send earlier in the week, Home and Away omnibus, laundry ... but the ironing will have to wait.

Realising there is an Arsenal match this afternoon, I quickly packed up and set off for the drive out to my parents' place in the country. Arriving, dishevelled after 2 hours in traffic, I found them lovingly tending to the garden. Yes, my parents ... the ultimate urban types are now almost, operative word being 'almost', country bumpkins! It has become important to have 'greener grass than the neighbours', 'better and more tasteful flower beds' and most importantly 'there will be NO garden gnomes'. The latter I am grateful for ... can't stand those things!
This brings me to my simple leisure of the day. Who knew it would be so satisfying to wash ones' car!?! Another thing I will now find difficult to leave to someone else, without automatically thinking 'Can they really do it better than me?'. Add to the existing list list ... cleaning the house, ironing...

I haven't mentioned the new toy on here yet. It can partly be blamed for my neglect of the blog. A male friend, upon finding out about it, exclaimed 'But, you DO have a new boyfriend!!!' My response ... 'That car is way too pretty to be a boy!'

Monday, April 02, 2007

Single Forever?

A male friend, who since he has lived on the other side of the world, hears all the idiosyncrasies about my love life or lack there of, emailed me this article today...

It was accompanied with a simple 'The solution to your problems x'

Must go back to Comptoir ...

Sunday, April 01, 2007

More Plans ...

  • Next weekend has been all confirmed ... Val D'isere here we come!
  • Girly weekend in Ibiza ... June with J & D
  • Back at yoga ... chanting at Triyoga every Monday. Who knew ...

A Saturday spent shopping ...

... A sunny Saturday should not be spent any other way.

First stop Marc Jacobs for some limited edition must haves
* tote bag for Julia * for me a blue patent leather belt. Perfect to team up with the dusty rose trench

Then a stroll down King's Road, with compulsory stop over at Godiva

The object of the whole exercise? A new dress for a work dinner. One purchased and consequently returned. What did I wear ... a Witchery shift (circa 2000) teamed up with a silver Jigsaw belt. I must have been a stylist in a past life ...