Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Tonight I went to my first Bikram session in my new city. Walking home in the balmy evening air, past the joggers and dog walkers, crossing 7th Avenue I stopped in my tracks to let a convoy of 10 NYPD cars pass. All ten complete with flashing lights and sirens. As I stood there wondering what was going down, something caught my eye. Looking Uptown the lights of Times Square shone bright into the night sky. It finally hit me .... I live in New York City!

First New York Weekend

Having Mum and Dad in town was great. Saturday was sweltering, hot and humid. Finally summer! We had an early lunch at Balthazar, a place I had always wanted to go to but missed on every previous visit. After perfect poached eggs we wondered around the busy streets of Soho, through the Saturday street markets in the West Village.

In the evening we continued our culinary exploration of the city, rather its somewhat touristy venues, at SushiSamba. According to reviews this is past its trendy heyday but we were not disappointed. Tender sashimi to start with, followed by a churrasco steak selection. I wasn't complaining. All washed down with a steady stream of mohitos. Later we caught a live blue performance in Bleeker St.

The next day I slept off the cocktails until lunchtime, and it was only the lure of a Tiffany diamond that got me out of bed. I always seem to find myself into the situation of looking for someone else's diamond ...

Wondering around midtown that afternoon it felt so familiar. Like I have lived here all my life.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Is this what it's going to be like?

I sure hope so!

Sunday afternoon, fresh off the flight, I'm wondering around Whole Foods at West 24th & 7th Avenue. Next thing I know a somewhat cute gym bunny starts chatting. Not quite sure why I was so surprised, maybe it was the jet lag. Left smiling with my bag weighted down with organic berries and live yogurt. Thought to myself 'Not a bad start' .

Fast forward to Tuesday night. Surprise birthday dinner for a good friend's partner in crime. A good crowd and lots of new interesting faces. Next day I get an email from one of the guys suggesting a drink. He had questioned my friend the following morning, and got my email address from the group invite. All flattered I responded. Haven't heard back

This is going to be fun! Let the games begin!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Ex

The sentimental side of me has to always wonder in moments like these.

Does he know I'm leaving London?

Of course on Friday night I blurted out this particular thought. The surprise was Marie's affirmation. He knew, and that being the result of his own enquiry, and not her bragging. He was pleased for me and sent a 'hello'. The latter not wanting to say himself due to the terms of the separation (Don't contact me again!). I like how now when it is over he listens to what I say.

I figured that a simple polite email, one that does not require a response, should be manageable without opening a can of worms. So I crafted it carefully and happily sent it off. He responded. A moment of panic. I spent 5 minutes staring at his name in my Inbox and then I read it ... And Houston ... we do not have a problem! Phew glad I'm over that one. The one guy that truly did my head in, and I wasn't in love with him.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Bob, Marie and Me

It was one one of those nights I wanted to come home and write about. Write it all down, in a drunken stupor and post unedited ... And I would have, if only I could hold my head up...

Bob, Marie and I. Wine and racy conversation was the mild beginning. Then the martinis came ... and kept coming. We danced, gossiped and laughed over the craziness of the last 6 years. The highs and the lows. The men in our lives and the 'have beens'. The value of great friendship. The different paths we are each about to embark on. The adventures yet to be experienced. Waking up the next day with a cracking hangover I wanted to cry, but all I could do was laugh.

Random quote of the evening:
I don't think I've ever slept with a French guy ... or have I?

3.30 am phone call from the cute bartender, thinking I'm Marie:
Me: (sleepily) Hello
Him: Hi ... what are you wearing?
Me: Nothing ... I'm in bed
Me: Hmmm ... who is this?

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

New Adventure

So what has been happening? I'm neglecting the blog again. So much to do and now very little time left.

I'm going to New York for 6 months. That is at least the current plan. Knowing me, and looking back to my life nothing ever happens to plan. So this means I could leave London and not come back. Whoo hoo or boo hoo ... depending on who you ask ?!?

Stay tuned for the adventure. An adventure I am sure it will be!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

The First ...

Farewells kicked off this evening. A huge steak at the Marquess Tavern, followed by a delectable chocolate fondant, a lovely bunch of friends and Rosamund Pike sitting at the next table. Oh, I am so going to miss Islington ...

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Closing the London Chapter

Apparently the locals in my suburb are objecting to Kirsten Dunst's loud antics. I guess she is just too cool for Islington. After reading this (courtesy of JB) I am wondering if this place is full of smug married yuppies. What is the problem with a bit of a boogie every now and then. Can't believe than in two months Kirsten has had so many parties that 3 families have managed to write to the council. Chill out people!!

Luckily for me I'm quiting Islington. Oh yeah, I have news ... I'm closing the London chapter ... AlphaChick does New York City ... Stay tuned!