Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cashmere is so in ...

Falling in

Tonight I was about to do something. On face value nothing out of the ordinary, but it is a pattern I tend to fall into. I know full well it will, as always, lead me to the merry-go-round. I will ride around once, twice even, getting off bored, not having become a better person and worse, sometimes doubting myself.

I took a step, then stopped peering inside. A little voice whispered, asking me if I really want to continue the descent. And just like that, I turned around and continued walking. I no longer was interested in what I would find on the other side. The curiosity was gone. For now I know what it should feel like ... and this just wasn't it!

Another celebrity sighting

Crossing West 20th St at 7th Ave tonight, there is a black Aston Martin purring at the lights. Beautiful car. Only as I pass do I notice Ice-T is behind the wheel.

Monday, January 28, 2008

NYC Apartment Hunt - Day 2

I had heard nightmarish stories about finding an apartment in New York City. A lot of people, not a lot of great apartments. What makes it even more difficult is the elusive brokers who stand in the way, making it in my view, more difficult for the 'lots of people' to find 'the one great' apartment for them.

So here I am, exhausted and extremely frustrated, 5 hours into my apartment search. I have seen about 10 properties and sadly all fall short of expectations. The best bit ... they are all obscenely expensive.

If this keeps up ... Islington, I'm coming back!

Then again, life is what you make it. So tomorrow when I meet yet another broker I shall be positive and smiling.

Wish me luck!

Wise Words

"You should never stay with someone you are not that into... Why? Well, life is like a game of musical chairs, eventually the music stops and you may be stuck with the person you are with ..."

*J on Saturday night, SoHo Grand, after a lot of cocktails. Amazing, he made so much sense

Bob likes chatting to strangers ...

The best one from this weekend ... "AlphaChick, you have got to meet this cab driver ... John!" Taken completely out of context, it was hilarious!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Compliment?

Something TG said to me a few weeks ago ... Maybe your fate is to tame the untamable ... A compliment indeed, but I have tried and frankly am tired ...

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Weekend ...

... was all about hedonism ...

Making new friends over brunch at Paradou, with their delicious shakshuka* and signature brunch cocktail ... later a hot chocolate with the biggest marshmallow at the City Bakery ... finding yourself sharing laughs and a cocktail in the Flatiron Lounge at 5.30pm is always amusing.

Bob arrived in the nick of time, for the homage to Satsko. Lucky we made it, for it was Warren B's last night at the helm. The menu has changed and the grease less calamari no longer a feature. Sunday we made time for yoga, before starting on the cocktails at brunch, continuing on at Bobo before dinner at Centro Vinoteca**

... and this week is going to be more like this ...

* eggs poached in a middle eastern vegetable stew of tomatoes, onions & peppers ... sounds like something I should have eaten growing up

** NY Mag raves about it ... but for the effort required to get a table, I could take it or leave it

Thursday, January 17, 2008

This Week

Daily regime has been something like this:
  • 8 hours sleep
  • 1 hour faffing in the morning
  • 12 hours work
  • 1 hour travelling to and from work
  • 1 hour exercise
  • 1 hour faffing in the evening
Let's hope next week is NOT like this ... bring on the long weekend!!

Monday, January 14, 2008


1. My hair is looking fabulous! I am revisiting curl styling products and my hair. looks. hot!

2. Today I sounded like one of those girls I hate. I told everyone who would listen, and those who wouldn't - my best friend is getting married, and she's having her wedding in Sydney, and its in March, and ..., and ... aaarrrrgghhhhh. Can you believe this? I'm an alpha female. I'm not supposed to be running around going gaga over this stuff! Next thing you know I will be tearing up at the wedding!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Weekend

It was a crazy week. Work is all of a sudden very busy, and the shock of the first '5 day week' in a while was all too much. I kept myself busy. There was exercise (yes! I was shocked too!!), impromptu dinner party and drinking after work. Highlight of the dinner party was the empty bottles (2 sake, 3 wine) I encountered the following morning, and the memory of security visiting to investigate 'smoking in the apartment'.

Saturday rolled around, and yours truly woke up brewing with remarkable motivation. A workout followed by my usual stroll to Cafe Grumpy, then a Chinese massage to release the stress in my shoulders and neck. I must be getting old, as all of a sudden I am conscious of how my lifestyle is affecting my body. Judging by how much it hurt, I haven't been doing well at preserving my physical well being.

Before I knew it was 6.30pm and I was frantically trying to put an outfit together, worthy of a night out with The NYC Girls. I teamed up my Gap black 'sack dress' with grey opaque tights, these shoes (which I have worn 3 times only, since purchasing more than a year ago), and a silver knit belt. The best bit was the vintage 1950s glass bead French purse - a gift from my brother's girlfriend. It is in perfect condition and receives much acclaim on each outing.

At 7.15pm I was late, in a cab, en route to the West Village. S and I caught up over a chai tea, played with the baby*, got him all dressed and ready for his night out with The Boys and dropped him off, jumping in a cab in the nick of time. We arrived at Fig & Olive fashionably late ... of course!

The food was great, but the deafening music not so. It was like it's a nightclub, but it's a restaurant. The waitress could not hear us, and vice versa. The conversation at our table kept up for 3 hours, but most of us are nursing sore throats this morning. If weeknights means lower volume, I'll be back. If not, then C'est la vie ... there are plenty of good Mediterranean restaurants.

Walked home in those shoes, never again! Woke up today, no hangover. Workout again and spent the day being lazy. Just getting to writing a bit now and still some work I should look at before tomorrow ...

* I need to tell you about this development. There have been random entries but not much on how his arrival has challenged the way I feel about babies and lot of other things ...

Protocol 2

So yesterday's post was lighthearted. I didn't think much of it and was flattered on some level. There was one thing I left out ... Yesterday morning, as I was at the end of my workout (there is a gym in my building), stretching with yoga poses on a mat, said security guy comes into the gym. Now that in itself is normal, as he is supposed to do rounds in the building as part of the 'security' gig. The strange thing was he was hanging around, watching me, and I think trying to talk to me but I was in a 'zone' plus Ipod blaring in my ears. Him coming to my door came a few hours later.

So far, fine. Today I am working out, at a different time, and he again materializes. Again I'm ignoring him. There are security cameras everywhere, so he will know when I'm in the gym... If this keeps up I will have a very strong incentive to move asap!

I do have tickets on myself as much as the next girl! But this is definitely creeping me out!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008


One of the security guards in my building just knocked on my apartment door and handed me his number. Not quite sure what to think about that ...

Have been creeped out by him from Day 1, and what am I supposed to do now? Run through the lobby every day ?!?

Friday, January 11, 2008

Overheard in New York tonight ... tomorrow morning in Sydney

"I have something to tell you ... " she says excitedly

Not quite sure how I knew ... "Are you engaged!?!" ... I say without giving it a thought.

Excited giggle at the other end "Yeah .." she says in a cute little girl's voice.

We were the girls who never took the good guys seriously, and got hung up on the players. We snickered at 'happy couples' and swore that we would never be part of 'public display of affection' shenanigans. We travelled the world and refused to be tied down. When she met him she knew this was it. And how it has changed her world ... a wonderful guy and all the things she has always loved about life. Who says when you get married you lose yourself? This girl definitely won't.

To a wonderful life together for Minky & The DJ!! Nothing warms my heart more than knowing the happiness in your hearts right now xx

P.S. Trip to Sydney due

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Global warming

New York last Thursday: -20C with wind chill

New York today: +20C in the sun

Who says global warming is a myth?

Monday, January 07, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

Admittedly, I have never before set myself resolutions as a fresh year approached. I probably would not have this time around either had it not have been for brunch on New Year's Day.

After the painful early afternoon wake up , we found ourselves sitting in The Park. A quiet end of 10th Ave, away from the touristy crowds which seem to have descended on to New York from ... everywhere!!! I sat there feeling sorry for myself, while others had yet to make it to bed, despite having some in on the London 'red eye' only the previous day. We ordered eggs, bacon, hot chocolate, chips ... all the things we hoped would make us feel better. As we tucked in, someone said: So what are every one's new year's resolutions?

I love peer pressure. Probably the only way I am guaranteed to do something. So here I was, with hangover, forced to reflect and think how I can improve myself. What distracted me was what J was saying ... her first resolution sounded like something that came out of my mouth. The way I would express and articulate it. We had laughed about our similarities the night before, but now this was proof. We had in fact been separated at birth! But I digress, this is a whole separate entry ...

When it was my turn to admit to my friends what flaws I was willing to address, it came out easily:

1. Be nicer to people. Work on how I put things across, with aim of sounding more amiable.
2. Eat better and exercise more.
3. Stop getting hung up on unsuitable men.

2 I had already put into action starting Boxing Day, 1 is manageable, 3 is going to be the tricky one.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Growing up is optional

Bob sent me an email the other day, which started off with:

"What are you doing for your 30th ..."

The only response I could think of:

"Ummm ... pretending it isn't happening!!"

It is ten months away and as the time grows nearer I am bound to be asked this question more and more often. So, if I absolutely have to mark the occasion ... the theme will be 'growing up is optional'

Happy New Year!

December 31th, 8am in the office we watched the spectacular firework display on Sydney Harbour. Later at 7pm the calls from London came in telling us about the light show London had put on ... Where were the fireworks in New York? Some say on the East River, but for those of us on the West Side in the 20s there was nothing to be seen. Oh well, who said New Year's Eve has to have fire and light? Not when you have wigs, hats and drinking games!!

The lovely Mark and Hannah held a wig inspired soirée, complete with a burning fire and whiskey spiked whipped cream. We laughed, ate, drank and then the games started. Additions to the party arriving as we were amidst Brainstrain ... explaining why we all had post-it notes stuck to our foreheads was quite amusing. We rushed on to the roof at midnight, listened as the crowd at Times Square went wild, but no fireworks ?!? Later we took to the streets, ending up at a Mexican bar in Gramercy, then on to the Lower East Side ... Sobering up, feeling the cold and finding a cab, being a memorable part of the evening. There is a Dominican cabbie somewhere in the city hoping to bump into 3 brunettes who promised him the world ... only if he took them across and uptown for $30 ... Sometimes a white lie never hurt anyone ;-)

Waking up the next next ... Hangover - check! Stranger next to me - thankfully not!